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AAE Glass Featured Artist Judy Martin

AAE Glass Featured Artist Judy Martin

Judy Martin of Artistic Glass Fusions is a featured AAE Glass artist. We have worked with Judy several times over the years and enjoy watching her work grow. She creates all different shapes and sizes of fused glass, all with their own beauty. Thank you for supporting AAE Glass & Tanya Veit over the years and sharing your work with us Judy, we feel honored.
I have been making fused glass for 16 years and have made everything from, jewelry, casting, bowls, lamps, outside sculptures and now painting. I have always been inspired by the need for learning new techniques which is why I never settled on one thing to make until I found painting on glass. All of my learning has been on line or purchasing books from good artists and LOTS of experimentation. 
When someone new comes and asks me for a lesson or two, or just some advice I will tell them the best thing to know is what your kiln does, when and why. If you know the whys of a schedule you have most of it mastered. 
I enjoy looking at a piece that someone else has made and trying to figure out how they have done it and sometimes trying it. 
I have my work displayed at the Artists Collective Spartanburg and I attend a few outside juried shows. I have participated in ones in Cape Coral, Atlanta and Pendleton SC. I will be setting up at Atalya Castle, Huntington Beach, SC in September. 
My work can be seen on facebook at Artistic Glass Fusions, web page of the same and  Instagram at Judy4441. 
I think I will continue to do this for quite a while longer. 
Judy Martin
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