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AAE Glass Feature Artist Marge Helsell

AAE Glass Feature Artist Marge Helsell


AAE Glass would like to share the fused glass art of Marge Helsell with you. Marge is a lifelong artist who has been working with her husband for decades in their studio. I love to see when people and artists work together to achieve a common goal. Have a look at some of Marge's work below and for even more of her work, visit


I have loved doing arts & crafts since I was a little kid. When I married my husband in 1972, we began making Christmas presents for our families. Not long after that I started my business—Wood, Brass & Glass. We did a lot of woodworking, and I began painting our creations. Stained glass came next, then in 1982 we began glass fusing.  Somehow my husband often gets drawn into my projects. We love working together in our studio.

 Most of my sales are for a local nonprofit – Indian Creek Nature Center.  I have worked with a variety of small businesses over the years.  My only local outlet right now is the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I also sell on Etsy –

 I enjoy the creative process and have had wonderful success with several AAE free and paid tutorials.  These pieces are from Glenda Kronke’s Nature’s Wonders.  Tanya Veit is such a generous person and must be one of the top glass artists who shares her knowledge so freely.  The service from AAE Glass is always spot on and keeps the glass community informed of new materials and techniques.

Marge Helsell




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