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Simple Screen Printing Guide

Simple Screen Printing Guide


Simple Screen
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Simple Screen Printing on Glass: Part 1 Tutorial w/ Tanya Veit

A new and exciting adventure with Tanya Veit!  Tanya will walk you through 4 projects using Simple Screen™ and EZ fire enamels.  This new revolutionary product will allow you to screen print your glass without the costly screens, exposure units, frames and trouble that goes along with it! Tanya shows you how to create your own printed plates to incorporate into several fused glass projects.  No coldworking or special machinery is required for any of these projects.  This is just pure fusing fun!




• Your Choice of Big Screens
• EZ Fire Royal Blue Enamel
• EZ Fire Blue Enamel
• EZ Fire Red Enamel
• Silk Screen Medium



Simple Screen Printing on Glass: Part 2 Tutorial w/ Tanya Veit

This is part 2 to the Simple Screen Printing on Glass w/Tanya Veit.  When watching this video, we assume that you have watched part 1 and have an understanding of the technique. Both videos will remain free to the fusing community. No sign in or download is required. In project 1, Tanya will show you how to color the screen printed images in targeted areas in a matter of minutes.  A thorough explanation and lecture is given on how to fire EZ Fire Metallic enamels along with specific firing instructions. Creating backgrounds in enamel iridescence is also demonstrated. In project 2, a beautiful Cobblestone Reactive plate is constructed with screen printed accents.   Reactive glass, the use of metals and cutting techniques are demonstrated. 

• Bullseye GlasTac Gel
• Your choice of Big Screens
• EZ Fire Gold Enamel
• EZ Fire Copper Enamel
• EZ Fire Ruby Enamel
• EZ Fire Bronze Enamel
• EZ Fire Red Enamel
• EZ Fire Blue Enamel
• EZ Fire Pearl Enamel
• EZ Fire Black Enamel
• Silk Screen Medium


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