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• looks different. How do I activate my account on the new website?
A: We have already sent you a confirmation email. You will be prompted to reset your password for the new website. If you did not receive this email, please check your spam folder. If you still cannot locate this email contact us for a new activation email at or you can simply go to the login page and enter the email account associated with your previous account and select "forgot password" to reset your password. Your login for the new site will be the same email address used for the old site, you just need to create a new password. If you need assistance, we are just an email away and answer very quickly.
• Where are the video classes I paid for? 
A:  Your new video dashboard is now located on All of your paid videos have been transferred to this platform. Please login with the same email you purchased the videos with on You will need to reset your password if it is your first time on the website. NOTE: You must use the same email account that was used when you purchased your videos on in order to access your videos on
• Why does my password not work on
A: Just as you had to reset your password on, you will also need to do the same on to access your videos and/or membership. We suggest using the same password and login email on both websites. By separating the videos and supplies into different websites, we are able to offer a much more user friendly experience. 
• Can I still purchase guest artist videos on your new platform? 
A: No
• Are AAE Glass Education Coins still rewarded or accepted? 
A: No 
• Where are the free videos I had stored in my previous library?
A: Tanya Veit's free videos from over the years can be found on the AAE Glass YouTube channel.