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Glass is heavy! Free Shipping is a big deal

Glass is heavy! Free Shipping is a big deal


What's the value of free shipping? Two examples show how free shipping can really make a difference when it comes to getting more for your money. 

Example One without free shipping shows

$93.80 in glass (5) 10x10 + $94.60 in frit (4) 1 lb. + $35.01 (shipping) = $223.41

Example Two with free shipping shows

$93.80 in glass (5) 10x0 + $94.60 in frit (4) 1 lb. + $14.99 (1) tekta = $203.39

Now, would you rather pay $35.01 in just shipping to receive your glass & frit only at a total of $223.41, or pay a total of $203.39 with FREE SHIPPING and receive the same original glass and frit plus additional tekta, thinfire, glass, frit, chains, etc? Often times when an order is $150 or above before shipping costs, it makes financial sense to add $50 worth of items that you know you are going to use eventually anyway to take advantage of FREE SHIPPING

*Free Shipping on $200 net orders.  Free Shipping does not include kilns, equipment, classes or half sheets of glass.  Free shipping applies to the contiguous United States.  Wholesalers are not eligible for free shipping.

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