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10 Best Selling Jewelry Settings & Why

 Did you know that at, we offer over 100 styles of exquisite silver plated settings for your fused glass jewelry cabochons? For the past 15 years, we have been the go-to destination for thousands of artists like you, who seek high-quality and captivating silver settings to adorn their unique creations.

     Our collection boasts a wide range of options, including earring, bracelet, pendant, and ring blanks. Each setting is meticulously crafted to provide a beautiful and distinctive backdrop for your fused glass wearable art. And the best part? Our settings offer the same level of elegance as sterling silver, but at a fraction of the cost.

     Rest assured, our settings are made with utmost care. They feature a double silver plate over brass and copper metal, ensuring durability and longevity. Plus, we prioritize your safety by guaranteeing that our settings contain no nickel, cadmium, or lead. We understand that choosing the right settings can be overwhelming. That's why we've curated a special top 10 list, just for you! These settings are not only our bestsellers, but they also perfectly complement any glass art piece. Let us guide you through the selection process and help you create stunning jewelry that will leave a lasting impression.

     Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your fused glass artistry. Visit today and explore our wide array of silver plated settings. Unleash your creativity and transform your glass art into wearable masterpieces!

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Modern S Curve Pendant

A trendy and contemporary setting that will take your breath away! At an impressive #10 on our list of must-have jewelry, this setting boasts a hidden bail that creates a mesmerizing floating effect for the S curve silver setting on your skin. What sets this best seller apart is its ability to accommodate three dichro dots at once, allowing you to showcase your unique creations in a truly stunning way.

Flat Pad Wiggle Earrings

With Flat Pad Wiggle Earrings, you can easily create your own unique designs by fusing small glass cabochons and attaching them to the flat pad. No need to worry about precision, as the flat pad offers flexibility and allows room for error. It's the perfect solution for artists and crafters who want to create stunning earrings for art shows or craft exhibitions.

Twist Pendant

We are thrilled to introduce our newer addition that has been making waves among our customers - the Twist Pendant! This captivating piece has quickly become our #8 best seller, and we can see why. Featuring a stunning silver twist design, this pendant is a true work of art that is hard to keep in stock. Its unique twist top not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also serves as the bail, making it a versatile and convenient choice.



The Knot Pendant

We are thrilled to present you with our #7 ranked pendant setting that is an absolute favorite of Tanya's! This versatile silver beauty features a 20mm flat pad at the back, allowing you to securely hold any shape cabochon. Its unique swirl adornment adds a contemporary vibe, accentuating your fused glass creations. With this pendant setting, the possibilities are endless! Create stunning circles, ovals, and squares to build an amazing collection for your customers. Let your creativity shine and offer them a variety of exquisite jewelry options.
The Knot Pendant

With its unique silver knot design, our #6 pendant setting is sure to captivate anyone who lays eyes on it. Crafted to perfection, our pendant setting is designed to beautifully showcase a 13mm cabochon, creating an exquisite piece of jewelry that will leave a lasting impression. Imagine the allure of an emerald green dichroic cabochon nestled within the intricate silver knot, radiating elegance and charm.



Silver Wave Bangle Blank

We're excited to present to you our stunning wave silver bangle bracelet, ranked at an impressive #5 in our countdown. With its 18x13mm cabochon, it's the ideal piece to showcase your oval fused glass cabochon creations. The design is both simple and elegantly stated, appealing to both conservative jewelry lovers and jewelry fanatics alike!
The Pendulum Pendant

With a drop bar featuring a round setting capable of holding an 8mm glass cabochon, this setting offers endless possibilities for customization. What's more, these drop bar pendants are currently trending big time in Fall 2023, making them a must-have for any fashion-forward individual. Stay ahead of the curve and showcase your unique style with our exclusive #4 Silver Setting Pendant Blanks.



Heart Shaped Stud Earrings

Looking for an easy and meaningful gift idea? Look no further! Introducing our adorable heart earring settings that are a breeze to create. At #3 on our list of must-have accessories, these ageless heart earrings are sure to capture hearts. With the ability to easily create dichroic dots in any birthstone color, you can customize them to perfection.
Here's how it works:
• Simply cut 8mm squares of 3mm Dichro-Dazzle.
• Full fuse the pieces together.
• Voila! You'll have a perfect round 8mm cabochon!
Large Silver Plated Swirl Blank Pendant Base 30x40mm
Our larger landscape piece is just what you need.Glass artists have been raving about this piece for its generous space, allowing you to truly showcase your artistry. The sizeable hidden bail is expertly fixed to the back, creating a captivating floating pendant effect.
Round Bracelet Setting

We are thrilled to present our #1 silver setting, which has captured the hearts of glass artists for 18 years. This timeless piece has become a favorite among creators. The highlight of this bracelet setting is the center piece that beautifully showcases your 1" sized dichroic cabochon. It provides the perfect canvas for your creativity to shine, allowing you to add just the right amount of artistic flair without overwhelming your customers.

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