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Fritrini Fused Glass Jewelry with Tanya Veit

Fritrini Fused Glass Jewelry with Tanya Veit


FOUR techniques in one class! The focus of this online class is in depth design using glass frit and Murrini. Students will learn the concept of stacking frit in a controlled manner and using reactions and pre-made components, all contained in a glass box. Create stringers with a molten and "painterly" effect similar to vitrigraph but NO VITRIGRAPH kiln is needed! Tanya explains reactive glass, volume control with technically sound instruction that will allow you to spread your wings and move beyond barriers that you have always dreamed of.

Watch HERE

Bullseye Glass Needed

 Your color choice of AAE Artisan Murrine 90 COE 

Tekta Clear Bullseye Fusible Sheet Glass 3mm Thickness
Deep Red Opalescent Bullseye Frit

Class Supplies

Pure Silver Foil-25 sheets

Pods Jewelry Shape Template
 White DecoColor Marker

Tools & Equipment

Needle Tip Applicator Bottle

Awesome Frit & Tweezer Scooper

 Leponitt Wheeled Mosaic Cutter


Inspiring techniques Review by Yvonne M.
An inspiring technique combining frit stringers and murrini to make colourful jewelry pieces. You need a tile or ring saw for this process. It would be even better if there was a chapter selection for the different projects!

What a delightful inspiration ! Review by Julia S.
I have been designing glass for 10 years. However, as happens in every artistic medium, as you work through your own ideas, you exhaust them and begin to lose interest. I am so grateful to Tanya for her quirky mixture of enthusiasm, exacting standards of quality and creativity. I have been looking for ways to "play" with the glass again and this video does it. Many many thanks from Ontario, Canada.

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