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AAE Glass Perks

While AAE Glass carries all of the latest and greatest fused glass and supplies, we are more than just a supplier and wholesaler. Tanya Veit has spent the better part of two decades not only developing educational content for the industry, but also developing unique products. She then offers her knowledge of these new products to glass artists around the world so they can benefit and grow their art. 

Below are some examples of products Tanya has developed over the years. Many of these products have started trends and turned into great sellers for those artists that sell their work. AAE Glass could just be another supplier. Tanya Veit could just be another instructor. But they aren't. It's the combination of the two that is unrivaled. We wouldn't be able to do this without your unwavering support of both Tanya and AAE Glass for so many years. We love hearing from you about your successes, your failures, your frustrations and your breakthroughs. Often times they bring up memories of years gone by. We will never get tired of feeling these feelings with you. Again, thank you for your support. We will continue to do what we do while you do what you do.
Have a great day.

Bullseye Cosmic Reactive Glass by Tanya Veit

Tanya Veit Designed Dazzle Dichroic 4" x 4" Glass

Custom Tanya Veit Dichroic Glass Packs

Simple Screen 2.0™ Big Screens

Simple Screen 2.0™ Dichroic Etching Screens

Itty-Bitty Simple Screen 2.0™

Big Mouth Paints 

Tanya Veit Designed Decals 

Glass Glo 

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