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Cosmic Flow & Reactive Bowls Video Tutorial w/Tanya Veit

Cosmic Flow & Reactive Bowls Video Tutorial w/Tanya Veit

At long last!  In this two hour adventure, Tanya will create 3 projects using two different techniques.  Create gorgeous reactive pebble bowls using the wonderful world of reactive glass with a special element that will cause beautiful rings of colors and hues in your artwork that will leave your viewers in awe and wonder how you did that?!  A thorough reactive lesson is given before the projects even start and detailed handouts are given for this exciting video class.  After two reactive pebble bowls are made, Tanya introduces her never-before-seen new Cosmic Bowl series.  You will be seriously addicted to this new technique which resembles blown glass through multiple firings.  Tanya is also hosting a spectacular private student Facebook group (link found in the class handouts) where she will continue your education and give you over 10 more of her secret recipes that make her breathtaking reactive pebble bowls so popular.  Even more great news, there is no coldworking or special equipment involved in these techniques!  This video has been in the making for a long time and you will not be disappointed.
Review by Donna G.
The video is clear cut. the techniques are wonderful. This is one my favorite learning videos. As nervous as I was trying it the first time, my first attempt turned out great. Now I can't seem to stop making the 'cosmic' bowls.
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