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25%  OFF Bullseye Cosmic Reactive Glass

25% OFF Bullseye Cosmic Reactive Glass

Available Sizes:
Tanya approached Bullseye glass with her idea of creating a super reactive fusible glass. The result is this beautiful, cosmic reactive glass that when combined with other glasses will result in mesmerizing fused glass are that no one has ever seen before. Get jaw dropping results with minimal investment using new secret recipes Tanya has come up with. Add imagery and 14 karat gold lining to your images. The best part is these projects cater to smaller studio kilns at 8" x 8" in size. You can scale up or scale down depending on your kiln size. There is zero coldworking involved in this technique. Just put it in and take it out of the kiln. The video will accommodate all levels of glass from beginner to expert. You’ll create three 8" x 8" functional fused glass pieces of art using Bullseye Glass chemistry and reactions. As an added bonus, Tanya will include an easy and highly impactful jewelry project using this magical glass recipe. It took months of testing before Tanya was willing to release this video and she does not hold back. She reveals it all! This is not a technique you will do just once. This technique is a foundation that will allow you to introduce a new line of jaw-dropping glass art to your customers

• 10" x 10" Custom Bullseye Cosmic Reactive Glass (It's HIGHLY advised to purchase multiple pieces of this glass since no two are the same. We will be making three 8" x 8" panels in the video. 
• (3) 12" x 12" Tekta (we will make (3)  8" x 8" panels)
• (1) Petrified Wood 2971-0030 (a 5" x 10" will make two 8" x 8" panels.)
• (1) 1137 Medium Amber Coarse Frit (Each 8" x 8" uses 2oz. of frit)
• (1) 1437 Lt. Amber Coarse Frit (Each 8" x 8" panel uses 2oz. of frit)
• (1) 1101 Clear Coarse Frit (Each 8" x 8" panel uses 2oz. of frit)
• (1) 1408 Lt. Aqua Marine MEDIUM Frit (Each 8" x 8" uses 2oz. of frit)
• Silver Foil
• Tiny or Medium Sifter
• Bullseye Blue Gel or Glastac
• Glass Cutter & Breaking Pliers
• Thinfire Paper
• Handheld Coffee Grinder
• Scooper Tweezer Tool (Optional but will make your life a lot easier!)
• Birds, Suns & Moons Simple Screen™(Optional. Used in Project #2)
• EZ Fire Black Enamel (Optional to add black/gold imagery. See Amazon list for gold luster used)
• Mixing Medium for enamel (Optional. Needed to mix black enamel.)
• 2" or 4" Squeegee (Optional.  Needed to screenprint imagery.)
• Outline Paint Pen (Optional.  Needed to add gold luster.) 

* Optional LOW-COST AMAZON ITEMS: The following items are used in the video by Tanya as she demonstrates optional techniques on how to embellish your cosmic plates.  These items are not required for the technique but add a lot of interest and creativity to your pieces. 

 • Ceramic Gold Luster
• Cordierite Pizza Stone (An alternative kiln shelf to fire silver, this is an excellent and cost effective option!)
• 1" & 5/8" Hole Punch Set 
• Rubber Texture Stamp Cracks & Specs 
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