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Glass Glo - Copper Metallic Coloring For Fused Glass Lead Free .'

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What is Glass-Glo? Glass-Glo should be used as a surface application which results in a colored metal or sparkle appearance. Stabilized for glass, glazed ceramic and enameled metal applications. Glass-Glo is lead free and can be mixed with water for a watercolor effect or any oil based medium for thicker applications. Use paintbrushes, sponges, q-tips etc. to apply.
Glass-Glo can be fired from 1325-1500 degrees. IMPORTANT: Please follow very specific firing schedules below. Glass-Glo must be ramped slowly with small holds in order for true colors to mature. It does not matter what fusing process you are doing, the schedule will always be the same when ramping up - when using Glass-Glo. When adding multiple layers of Glass-Glo, fire the first layer on and then add another design layer and fire again. The metallic coloring with Glass-Glo will maintain its vibrancy on multiple firings. You must TEST your kilns temperatures and create a sample bar before using Glass-Glo on a project to achieve your desired results. Leave peep holes open in the kiln while firing Glass-Glo. Once it is fired on, rinse your glass thoroughly. The excess Glass-Glo that is not in direct contact with the glass, will wash away. This is normal. Make sure your glass has "tooth" when applying Glass-Glo. This will allow full coverage on your glass when using the metallic coloring. There are 3 ways to do this easily:
1. Sandblast your glass
2. Use an extra fine piece of sandpaper or diamond hand pad to "rough up your glass."
3. Sift clear powder over your piece of glass and prefire it to 1300-1310 hold for (3-10 minutes - make a sample first!) so the powder just "tacks" and this will leave a sandpaper-like surface for you to paint easily.

FIRING SCHEDULE FOR GLASS-GLO (If you have projects that are thicker and larger, you will have to slow down your ramp times but your hold temps and times will be the same.):

250 DPH - 350F - Hold 10min.
350 DPH - 500F - Hold 10 min.
350 DPH - 1000F - Hold 20 min.
600 DPH - 1325 - 1500 (Depending on your process & results desired.)
Continue on with your annealing schedule.

⚠️ Important Regarding Glass Sizing!

Bullseye is widely recognized for its sophisticated palette of harmonious colors. Most styles are available in two thicknesses: double-rolled 3 mm sheets and Thin 2 mm sheets. Due to the handcrafted nature of the product, dimensions are approximate.


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