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Branches Simple-Bitty Screen™ Ready-to-Use Screen Printing Stencil

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Simple Screens are made to order. Please allow 2-3 business days before your order ships. PLEASE NOTE: New instructions for the Simple Screens 2.0 by expanding the description box below. Instructions included with every order.


New Simple Screen Product!  PLEASE read instructions thoroughly before use.  The important care instructions are NOT the same as the original Simple Screens! Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to ship.  Screens are made to order.

Use Simple Screens 2.0 with EZ Fire enamels and now, BIG MOUTH & Glassline paints!!!

USE YOUR STENCIL: Simple Screen 2.0 now has a tacky side to the stencil in order to aid you in printing on glass. The stencil will not move and you no longer need any tape! Remove the stencil from the clear carrier sheet with the red sticker. DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY! Place the stencil on your glass surface with the adhesive side down (textured side is up and this is your print side). Rub down on the stencil and apply pressure to help the stencil stick to your surface. NOTE: If your stencil loses its tack after several uses, lightly dab the adhesive side of the stencil with a damp paper towel. DO NOT OVER SATURATE. Apply your paint or enamel to your stencil approximately 1-2" above your design. Using a squeegee at a 45° angle, swipe downward over all the open mesh areas of your stencil. Carefully remove the stencil and rinse immediately. DO NOT soak the stencil and DO NOT let the enamel or paint dry in the stencil.

CLEAN YOUR STENCIL: Cleaning your stencil properly is a very important step to ensure the life of the stencil. Simple Screen 2.0 will last for dozens of prints as long as the stencil is cared for properly. Eventually, the emulsion mask will break down from the screen, but this is after many uses. We find that using a cheap plastic clipboard is the easiest method to clean the stencils at the sheets are 12" x 10" and the clipboard will be sure the stencil is flat and does not fold in on itself when cleaning. Be sure that when the stencil is wet, you do not let it fold over itself.

To clean your stencil, first get the plastic clipboard wet so your stencil does not stick to it. Remember, there is a tacky side! We suggest using a waterproof marker and writing "WET ME FIRST" right on your clipboard to help you remember to wet the clipboard first. Place the stencil on the clipboard with the textured side (print side) up. Lightly rub the stencil to remove all of the paint/enamel with your fingers. Just let the water run on the stencil. Do not rub or scrub the adhesive side of the stencil. NOTE: The clipboard is not necessary for smaller stencils such as the itty-bitty jewelry or etching stencils. We find just holding the stencil in our hand is the best method.

DRY YOUR STENCIL: Soak up excess water after cleaning with a paper towel. Place the stencil with the adhesive side (non-textured shiny side) up on a smooth, flat surface (we use shop towels or paper towels on top of a counter.) The textured print side should be down. Cover the damp stencil with the carrier sheet so the red sticker with text is on top and readable to you. Always apply the stencil to the carrier sheet while the stencil is still wet. Smooth out any air bubbles with your hand or a squeegee. Allow to dry completely before reusing the stencil (60 minutes.) You may use a hairdryer (no heat gun) or dehydrator to speed up the process. When the blue stencil is one color, the stencil is dry. If air bubbles form between the backing sheet and blue stencil, it will be obvious. These bubbles will NOT affect the screen or the print whatsoever. NOTE: Do not use any chemicals (such as cleaning wipes) when washing paint off your stencils, as chemicals will break down the emulsion and adhesive. Soaking the stencils in water for extended periods of time can break down the stencil as well. Wash within 10 minutes after use.


*Free Shipping on $200 net orders and does not include kilns, equipment or half sheets of glass.  Applies to the contiguous United States.  Wholesalers are not eligible for free shipping.