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Beach Finds Simple-Bitty Screen™ Ready-to-Use Stencils

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*NOTE: This item is made to order. Please allow 3-5 business days before shipping. If your order contains other general items, those will be held and shipped with your screens. Please e-mail us at if this is an issue.

New! Simple-Bitty™ Jewelry Screens!  Beautifully detailed images developed by Tanya Veit as featured in her video series "Depth & Drama in Fused Glass Jewelry."   

Set of three images on the screen.

Sizes in order of appearance from top to bottom: 

1.1"w x 1.25"h

1"w x 1"h

.8"w x 1"h

*Simple-Bitty Screens are made by hand here in our warehouse. They are very labor-intensive. Sorry, we cannot offer wholesale pricing on these at this time. Thank you.

  • Important information before using; 

    • The white area of the blue screen shown in the product picture is what your printed image will be in which ever color enamel you use. 
    • Paint/enamel goes on the "print this side" on the screen.  If those words read backwards, you are on the wrong side. Cover this with a tiny piece of Scotch tape so you do not print the words.
    • Place your paint/enamel where there is the most screen before the start of your image.  A longer "runway" for the paint is best for an even print.
    • When taping down your screen, use painter's tape only
    • Use a nylon squeegee tilted at a 45° angle and pull with even, light pressure
    • Gently wash screens after each use with warm tap water and just your hands. Just let the water run (a gentel spray is best) on both sides of screen until it is clean.  DO NOT LET ENAMEL DRY ON SCREEN and do not scrub with any abrasives or brushes.  You will damage the mask on the screen.  Screens will last 40-50 prints with proper care
    • Dry flat and store flat.
    • Do not let enamel dry on the screen, it will be much harder to clean and you could crease your screen trying to remove the dry enamel or paint.
    • All glass enamels mixed with a medium can be used with Simple Screens.
    • Packaged with full instructions


*Free Shipping on $200 net orders and does not include kilns, equipment or half sheets of glass.  Applies to the contiguous United States.  Wholesalers are not eligible for free shipping.