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12x12 Round Stainless Steel Wall Mount Glass Display

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It is time for something simple, affordable and high end to display your glass art. The suggested glass art size is 6" -  12" round depending on how much of the stainless you want to display.
High-quality stainless steel wall mount with "brushed silver effect."  These are not aluminum and are solid stainless.  It can also be painted with alcohol inks, spray-painted etc.  Gives the effect of floating off the wall. Has welded brackets on the back for hanging using a traditional style picture frame hook as shown. Glass is mounted to the stainless steel plate with high-grade adhesive (Silicone glue suggested) and it comes with complete easy to follow instructions. 
Unfinished/unswirled/unburnished Metal Plates come with a Protective Vinyl Cover that must be removed prior to use. 
 There may be machining and weld marks on the back. These are part of the manufacturing process and are unavoidable. For unfinished stainless steel, clean off any leftover vinyl residue with alcohol. 
   Be careful, like other stainless steel product fingerprints can be left behind. You can paint your wall mount plate or leave it unfinished. To paint, clean surface well and spray with a good quality clear coat or primer/spray paint combination. Do NOT paint under where the glass will be applied. 
To apply glass use one of the recommended silicone glue products listed (We like GE Silicone All Weather House Hold Glue.)
     Make sure the area is clean and dry. Lightly rough up the surface of the glass to be applied. Apply vertical lines of silicone to the surface of the metal. Make sure that the silicone lines are smaller than the piece of glass to be applied but the glue should be applied evenly and generously. Be sure not to over apply silicone as it may not dry in the middle area or it may ooze out past the glass. Apply glass and press firmly to make sure contact is seated well. Glass may shift as adhesive dries. Check and reposition if needed the first hour.  Let dry for 72 hours before hanging. 
   Use a stud finder for your drywall and then insert an anchor and screw into the stud of your wall. 
 Hook the back plate onto the screw.  It is exactly like hanging a picture. 
⚠️ Important Regarding Glass Sizing!

Bullseye is widely recognized for its sophisticated palette of harmonious colors. Most styles are available in two thicknesses: double-rolled 3 mm sheets and Thin 2 mm sheets. Due to the handcrafted nature of the product, dimensions are approximate.


*Free Shipping on $200 net orders and does not include kilns, equipment or half sheets of glass.  Applies to the contiguous United States.  Wholesalers are not eligible for free shipping.

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