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Value Comparison? 😃 Nothing Compares

Value Comparison? 😃 Nothing Compares

Thank you to the 230 fused glass artists who have jumped in the pool with Tanya Veit and joined her new membership learning platform . AAE Glass and Tanya have expanded our online learning presence to include a "noise free" environment for creative glass artists, with positive attitudes and the willingness to learn and share together. Tanya is sharing more information on a monthly basis in this community than she ever could in an in person class and the price is right at $29 per month. I broke down some cost calculations below that clearly show Tanya's online membership program is more affordable than anything in the industry when you consider the huge amount of content that is consistently released. You can join today for $24 (save $5 on your first month) and watch two brand new video tutorials from a PROFESSIONAL glass artist. Two brand new videos for $24? What are you waiting for? See you at the party! 


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