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Photograph & Edit Like a Professional

Photograph & Edit Like a Professional

Available Now!

How to Take Professional Photos of Your Art - The Easy Way!

Only $24 for the first month w/ Tanya Veit

Fusing Party members now have access to $2,500 worth of professional grade graphic assets to create stunning and professional pictures for your glass art and jewelry. Exclusive to the Fusing Party community is everything Tanya used to create these pictures. Community members now have access to the same tools and backgrounds Tanya does at no extra cost. If you dread taking pictures or want to take better pictures, Tanya has the solution. 
Tanya filmed a full tutorial on how this user-friendly photo program works. Create complimentary backgrounds with text and high resolution graphic assets. Learn to edit your photos with a simple click of a button. Create a mesmerizing gallery of work to use with your online sites or just create a stunning visual library of your glass work.

This two hour video explains everything, step-by-step, in small chapters, for the absolute beginner and can be watched over and over.
Save hundreds of dollars as Tanya shows you how to take these photos for less than $10! Tanya will also show you how to design your own photos rather than enlisting a professional photographer which can cost thousands. You will learn basic edits, adding backgrounds, soft focus, adding color, adding text, removing the glare from your photos and shadows all from the comfort of your chair! NOTE: User must have a desktop, laptop or ipad to utilize the techniques in this class. 
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