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New Eco-Friendly Shipping Material

After many requests, tons of testing and tons of postage, AAE Glass is happy to announce we have eliminated the need for styrofoam peanuts for the bulk of our orders. We have spent lots of time and money coming up with a more eco-friendly way to ship our products safely and we are happy to announce we found it. We are now using a new packing method and recycled paper to secure and protect the bulk of our orders. We hope this announcement gives you yet another reason to use AAE Glass as your primary supplier. No other company in the industry works with and for their customers as much as Tanya Veit and AAE Glass do. 

In addition to the new eco-friendly packing method, we have added a lower cost shipping option through USPS called Parcel Select Ground. While it might take an extra day or two to receive your package, you will be paying less in most cases. Of course if you need your glass sooner, we still offer a myriad of other shipping options. But if you are simply looking for the lowest shipping cost and aren't worried about an extra day or two, AAE Glass is your place. Please note, half sheets of glass will still be shipped using styrofoam peanuts as we haven't been able to successfully ship them without breakage using the paper. We are still working on this. 


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