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New Tex-effects Dichroic Variety Packs!

New Tex-effects Dichroic Variety Packs!

Exclusively at!

Here at AAE Glass, we have a deep appreciation for the art of dichroic scrap packs. Each pack is meticulously crafted, featuring carefully selected colors and textures. Before assembling these packs, we meticulously divide all our glass. We thoroughly inspect each piece to guarantee an exquisite assortment of colors and patterns, providing you with unparalleled variety.

We challenge you to find another pack of dichroic that is superior to this insanely beautiful dichroic glass. This amazing glass is designed to give your project that extra "wow" factor. Now, you can add some real sparkle and shine to whatever you create!

• Generous 8oz pack of 3mm specialty Texture Bullseye glass / 90 COE

• 3mm Black and Clear dichroic glass. Tex-Effects Glass with Textures with premium CBS coating such as herringbone, granite and ripple. 

• Packs will include a black and clear mix of glass

Substrate: Specialty Bullseye Glass Selected by Tanya Veit

Coating: Various CBS colors/patterns selected by Tanya Veit


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