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New $24 Video Release from Tanya Veit

New $24 Video Release from Tanya Veit

Tanya Veit's Bird Bowl video tutorial has turned out to be so much more than anticipated. Almost two hours packed FULL of information on creating and slumping two bowls with and without imagery. This video focuses on reactive Bullseye glass, cutting intricate shapes in glass, circle cutting (the easy way) and slumping. Learn the most amazing trick of not only scoring difficult curved shapes, but breaking them out easily and successfully. Tanya will also demonstrate the easy way (yes, there is one) of scoring and breaking out circles so the surrounding glass just "falls away" and leaves you a perfect circle. Even better, there is no cold working involved in this technique. After creating color and reactive samples, Tanya walks you through how to design a perfect bowl and then moves on to imagery. For those of you who don't want to embellish with imagery, she demonstrates an extra project bowl using the new Hi-Lo bowl mold. Create an organic yet highly functional Hi-Lo bowl using just the glass in all it's beauty. As a bonus, Tanya discusses how to use clunky tall molds in just a 6" deep kiln. All firing schedules, charts and notes are in your dashboard. For just $24 your first month, you can find out what this is all about and have access to the most amazing new learning platform in the industry. If it's not for you, simply cancel before your first month is up. No strings attached. Watching a video like this for only $24 (along with 25 other videos) is an absolute steal.
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