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Fabricating with Powders: The Unconventional Method w/Tanya Veit

Fabricating with Powders: The Unconventional Method w/Tanya Veit

For several years Tanya has been asked to make the Big Stuff Bootcamp that is held annually at our studio accessible to all glass enthusiasts who cannot travel to Florida for various reasons.  Several techniques are taught and multiple projects are made.  This is an extensive learning program and a month of preparation is completed before each bootcamp is hosted.  Now this wish has been granted! The first part of this series, Part A: Powder Party, will include all the techniques with Bullseye powders that are taught in the Big Stuff Bootcamp.  If you are a graduate of the Big Stuff Bootcamp you will find this to be a great refresher. We have also included NEW projects throughout this series and many updated versions as well.  As a bonus, Tanya will include her new powder project at the end of the video.  Read individual chapter descriptions below for detailed information. There is no special equipment required/needed for Part A except a standard table top grinder and each part of the bootcamp is its own entity.  Meaning specifically, you are not required to purchase the other parts of the series to move on as each video class has its own set of skills that are completed from start to finish. 

Bullseye White Opalescent Doubled Rolled 3 mm Glass

Bullseye Black Opalescent Frit

Tekta Clear Bullseye Fusible Sheet Glass 3mm Thickness

Bullseye Cream Opalescent Double Rolled 3 mm Glass

Tangerine Orange Opalescent Bullseye Frit

Tomato Red Opalescent Bullseye Frit

Burnt Orange Opalescent Bullseye Frit

Marigold Yellow Opalescent Bullseye Frit

Spring Green Opalescent Bullseye Frit

Glass Glo - Vermeil Gold Metallic

Glass Glo - Blue Metallic

Glass Glo - Silver Metallic

Hotline Primo Primer Kiln Wash - 1.5lb

Powder or Airbrush Stencil-Ginko Leaves

Fiber Paper 1/16"

Bullseye ThinFire Shelf Paper

EZ Fire Black Enamel

Awesome Frit & Tweezer Scooper

Toyo 25" Self-oiling Glass Circle Cutter

 4" Large Stainless Steel Sifter


Review by Guest 
Fabulous! I learned so much in this boot camp video. I keep coming back to watch different sections. Very stimulating and in-depth directions. Expanded my knowledge of glass techniques. Love this video

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