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Comet Trail 4" x 4" Dichroic Glass Restocked

Comet Trail 4" x 4" Dichroic Glass Restocked

This beautiful Rainbow colored square has both a colorful blaze down the middle and a unique combination of Rainbow Dichroic in each piece.  Glass is 2mm thick. “Comet Trail” 4” X 4” squares, individually sealed and packaged.

Available in Black and Clear

As used and demonstrated in Tanya Veit's My Legacy video below.


Scenic Landscapes in Fused Glass Jewelry: A Legacy by Tanya Veit
12 Full Length Jewelry Projects

When the pandemic started, I knew online learning would need to be kicked into high gear.  Did you know I have created over 40 online fused glass instructional videos through the years? What would be next? It was suggested by a close family member to create a video that would be my mark in the fused glass community, my legacy.  And so it began.  Going back to my roots and 8 months in the making, I have given this all I got.  This is it. I have pushed boundaries and developed jewelry techniques that have never been seen in fused glass.  Color blending, multi-depth layering, creating fog/mist, gradient color backgrounds, incorporating reactive pebbles, waterfalls, reflections, shimmering waters, simulated galaxies, solar eclipses, foregrounds & backgrounds, rainbows and coldworking.  EVERYTHING I GOT! All of this and more are in this video.  Step by step.  The most epic jewelry video of all time. Even if you do not create jewelry, this is a technique video that will provide skills that can be utilized in all your fused glass creations.  It's time to start a new year of exciting techniques with jaw dropping results. Hours of instruction that can be viewed time and time again, forever. Watch by project for easy reference.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed challenging myself and bringing this to the glass art world.  Thank you for the support along the way. 

Tanya Veit


EZ Fire Enamels
Comet Trail Thin Dichroic Glass 4" x 4" 90 COE
Scenic Layering Jewelry Simple Screen


Review by Bonnie E.
Tanya has packed a TON of techniques and info into this 7-hr tutorial. It truly is a labor of love. I have only made a few of the projects so far, but I'm already branching out with ideas based on what I've already learned. Tanya's personable and easy-to-follow instruction is a great confidence builder. I learn something every time I watch this tutorial. Get it! You will NOT be sorry!

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