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Gemini Revolution XT Diamond Ring & Tile Saw

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Revolution XT Ring Saw - Gemini Saws

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The Gemini Revolution XT Ring Saw by Gemini Saws is more than just a tile saw. It is engineered for the precision cutting of inside and outside radius curves and curved lines through stone and tile up to 2 inches thick. 

The high quality 10" Diamond Blade features no center and is force driven from the outside, allowing for easy handling and extremely smooth, accurate cuts. The forward and backward cutting capability makes cutting curves a simple task. 

Additionally, while the Revolution XT Ring Saw is a wet saw, it is self contained with no water pump, making it ideal for going from the home workshop to the job site. While the saw is capable of cutting straight lines as well, it is not recommended for intensive straight cutting. 

The Gemini Revolution XT Ring Saw is an excellent choice in ring saws for the professional contractor to the DIY Enthusiast.

**Please be aware if you are buying this saw to cut glass, you must order a sintered fine diamond glass blade.  Most manufacturers will sell this saw with a standard diamond TILE blade that is NOT suitable for glass.  It will chip your glass tremendously.  Be sure you are purchasing a glass blade made to cut glass.

Cuts a radius, curve or straight line!

  • 10" Diamond Ring ring blade cuts up to 2" thick materials
  • The Ring Blade has no center giving you the ability to cut intricate designs and tight radius cuts as small as 1/2"
  • Has 5 times more power (torque) than other 1.5 hp saws!
  • 1 hp, 115V, high torque motor
  • Makes curved cuts in 2" granite!
  • One year warranty
  • Gemini recommends replacing belt & grommets every 2 - 3 blades
  • We do not recommend this saw for intensive straight cutting.
  • Stand sold separately.

Available Blades for the Gemini Revolution XT Ring Saw 

Standard 10" One Sided Tile Diamond Blade

Not recommended for glass! The Standard 10" One Sided Diamond Blade is a sintered blade featuring diamond coating on one side for forward cutting. It cuts 3/4" radius curves and is engineered to take on the hardest materials including marble, floor tiles, porcelain, and more with high quality cuts and less chipping.

10" Double Sided Diamond Blade 

The 10" Double Sided Diamond Blade is sintered blade featuring diamond coating on both sides of the blade for forward and backward cutting. It cuts tighter 3/8" radius curves and provides high quality cuts with less chipping.

10" Single Sided Glass Blade 

The 10" Single Sided Glass Blade is designed for cutting all types of glass and leaving the smoothest cut. It is a sintered blade with very fine diamond grit on one side for forward cutting. It can be used for straight cuts and for cutting 3/4" radius curves.

10" Double Sided Glass Blade 

The 10" Double Sided Glass Blade is engineered for cutting glass with precise and smooth cuts. It is primarily designed for cutting glass. It features a very fine diamond coating on both sides for both forward and backward cutting. It has a sintered diamond blade that can cut tight 3/8" radius curves as well as straight cuts and virtually eliminates chipping.

Gemini Revolution XT Ring Saw FAQ

 Q: What is a Ring Saw? 

A: A Ring Saw is a saw designed for cutting glass and tile using a unique and patented design that produces clean and chip free cuts. It is similar to a band saw and radial saw, combining the best aspects of both. 

Q: What type of materials does the Ring Saw cut? 

A: The Ring Saw can cut a wide variety of materials including stone, marble, granite, tile, plexi-glass, glass, nonferrous metals, and acrylic. It is often used for cutting tile and glass. 

Q: How is a Ring Saw different from other types of saws, such a band saw or reciprocating saw? 

A: A Ring Saw spins in a perfect circle, producing little or no vibration, and can cut in all directions. A band saw, however, spins in an ellipse, cutting in a forward motion. Reciprocating saws, such as jig saws, move in a push and pull reciprocating motion, rather than a rotating motion. The vibration on the upward stroke causes delicate pieces to be more prone to breakage and to wear out more quickly. 

Q: What kind of blade does a Ring Saw use? 

A: The Ring Saw blades (with the exception of the 4” solid blade) feature a hollow center, giving the ability to make tight radius cuts as well as straight lines. Different blades are available for specific cutting applications, such as for cutting delicate glass or for aggressive straight cutting. The high quality blade cuts with far less chipping because of the high torque and slower blade RPM. 

Q: Where is the water pump, and do I always have to use water? 

A: The Ring Saw is self contained with no pump. The saw is designed so the belt that drives the blade also picks up water and delivers to the cut. Water should always be used. 

Q: How long do the parts last before needing to be replaced? 

A: The drive belt has an average lifespan of two to three blades. The blades often have superior blade life because they spin at a much slower RPM and with more torque than the average wet saw blade. 


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