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Will Tanya Teach Ever Again???  And...Last Day to Order!

Will Tanya Teach Ever Again??? And...Last Day to Order!

As we prepare for our upcoming move to Illinois, today marks the final opportunity to order any fusing supplies before our relocation. We will swiftly resume shipping by April 4th once we settle in our new location. Orders placed today will be shipped before the move, ensuring prompt delivery. Any orders after midnight tonight will be shipped starting April 4th.

We have been delighted by the warm reception from those on the East and Mid coasts regarding our move. Thank you for the kind welcome! Addressing some common queries:

Q: Will Tanya resume in-person classes?

A: Tanya hasn't taught in person for 3 years, but there are whispers of a return. Stay tuned for updates!

Q: Where in Illinois will you be based?

A: We will be in Palatine, Illinois. Our address is not public to facilitate a smooth setup and quick turnaround.

Q: Will you have a retail store?

A: No.

Q: Will you offer customer pick-up?

A: Yes, with designated times and days for pick-up.

Q: Will you continue to sell Bullseye glass?

A: Absolutely! Our new and larger warehouse in Illinois will offer an even larger selection than our current Nevada location.

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