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Available in 12" x 12" and 24" x 24" sizes. 1/4" thick.  SilkeMat™ Is a NON-CARCINOGENIC refractory fiber blanket that can be cut, molded, rigidized and formed. It can be used with and without rigidizing. Although a high-grade boron nitride separator could be used for art glass firings, we have not found this necessary There is no “shot” in this product and most firings are clean, leaving only the texture of the fiber on the glass. 

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  • SilkeMat™ is a NON-CARCINOGENIC material and can be cut and handled with minimal concern.
  • It is recommended to prefire SilkeMat™ to 1450F for 15-20 min to burn out moisture. There are no organics to burn off, but moisture and a small amount of residual oil from the rollers may be evident. Vent your kiln accordingly. P
  •  SilkeMat™ will shrink slightly the first firing but will not change upon subsequent firings. 
  • Once fired, you will notice that SilkeMat becomes slightly stiffer, rather than softer like other fiber materials. This also allows it to hold a form longer. 
  • SilkeMat can be laser-cut and/or hand cut for kiln carving projects. The fabric cuts cleanly for a crisp edge and can be fired multiple times with no degeneration. 
  • SilkeMat may be rigidized with SilkeMat Rigidizer, but care should be taken when sanding down a flat piece, using a good dust mask. 
  • A rigidized board may be coated with kilnwash or a high-quality boron nitride spray to avoid any sticking issue due to the rigidizer. However, we have found even pot melt glass usually pops out with little to no damage to the mold. 
  • SilkeMat may be molded without rigidizing. It has a memory for soft forming and will hold that form for many subsequent firings. 
  • Float Glass has not been found to stick to SilkeMat at normal temperatures, even with multiple firings. However, softer glasses (COE 90 & 96) & opaque glasses are more stubborn at full-fuse temperatures, although residual fibers can be removed with a brush. Coating the unrigidized blanket with boron nitride has not appeared to prevent sticking, so use caution accordingly. However, a light dusting of dry kilnwash on the pre-fired SilkeMat has been an effective separator when being used as a firing surface.
  • When using SilkeMat for slumping molds, it has not been necessary to do any preparation other than prefiring. You can shape and prefire at the same time. And all glasses tested, released smoothly with no clouding at slumping temperatures even when the interior has been left unrigidized.
  •  If rigidizing and using as a pot melt or vitrigraph mold, firing to 1600F for an hour has been sufficient to create a nice melt, and the residual glass usually pops out with little to no damage to the mold.
  • We have found the ¼” thickness is quite sufficient for all applications can usually be used for several firings, especially if unrigidized.


1 Quart. SilkeMat™ Rigidizer is NON-FLAMMABLE and formulated for molding SilkeMat™ into rigid reusable molds of the highest quality in performance. Easy to use, our Rigidizer cures at 1450F for pot melts and vitrigraph molds, and can even be used to solidify just the outer shell of the SilkeMat mold to retain a soft, release-free interior for slumping any glass. Properly prepared and fired, all SilkeMat™ molds are usually reusable.




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