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AAE Glass Featured Artist Alison Slaff of Equinox Glass

AAE Glass Featured Artist Alison Slaff of Equinox Glass

AAE Glass would like to recognize Alison Slaff of Equinox Glass as a featured artist. Alison is a very thoughtful fused glass artist who produces pieces of all kinds as seen below. We would like to thank Alison for sharing her time and work with us and if you ever have a chance to meet her at a show, it will be worth it. If not, her work can be found at her Etsy Store. Have a great day!
My name is Alison Slaff, and I have a fused glass business, Equinox Glass. I have been working with fused glass since 2007 when I started working at Glassworks Studio in Morristown, NJ. I completely fell in love and 15 years later I still love working with glass.
While I lived in Germany from 2017-2021 I started making jewelry with the fused glass cabochons that I would make in bulk while visiting family back in the US. I incorporate polymer clay and metal wire into my jewelry designs, alongside the fused glass components. 
Upon moving back to the states last year, I was able to officially launch Equinox Glass and set up my home studio. I have since begun making pieces inspired by everyday life and the hobbies I relied on during quarantine, such as reading and gardening.     I’ve also always been inspired by the mystical, so I enjoy symbols, mandalas, evil eyes and other magical imagery. My work is available in my Etsy shop, and in a couple of local shops in Morris County, NJ. I have also been selling my wares in local craft shows. 
Recently, I started a YouTube channel where every Fused Glass Friday I post a process video of myself making a project and the final fired result. I have really enjoyed sharing my work in the this way and love the feedback I’ve gotten from the glass community on YouTube.
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