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Dazzle Dichro

Dazzle Dichro

Now you can purchase a sample of the Dazzle Dichroic on clear!  This amazing new glass designed by Tanya Veit comes in half pound (8oz.) packs and is all 3mm thick for extra depth. We take our scrap packs very seriously and hand pick them to create the best variety possible.  Order several as you will receive a different pack each time. 

Sorry, we cannot accommodate specific design or color requests.


Fused Glass dichroic video tutorial with Tanya Veit on creating amazing fused glass dichroic glass "blobs." These are no ordinary blobs! Tanya will teach you 4 different ways to create multi-layer dichroic glass jewelry pieces that will blow your socks off! All skill levels from beginner through advanced. These are fun, breathtaking and great fused glass jewelry pieces to make and sell!  Thank you for the support!

Watch the Trailer & Free Video Below


Video Trailer: Great Freakin’                      Great Freakin’ Fused Glass

Dichroic Fused Glass Blobs                         Dichroic Blobs Tutorial

Tutorial w/ Tanya Veit                                 w/ Tanya Veit


More Available Dichroic 


       Rainbow Pack                         Aurora Borealis Pack              Premium Variety 90 COE

       Clear & Black                                 Clear                         Dichroic 4oz. Scrap Pack



  Creating Intricate Patterns & Layering          Fused Glass Jewelry: Reverse Dichroic

                      Dichroic Glass Jewelry w/ Tanya Veit                       Etching w/ Tanya Veit

    REVIEW:                                                       REVIEW:

        Tanya did it again! Hit it out of the park      Her educational videos are the best. I love

       once again Tanya. My head is spinning.         all her videos and learned so much from

          Tons of info. Thanks Tanya you rock!           each video. This is the best place to be.





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