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AAE Glass Perks

AAE Glass Perks

Step-by-step tutorials for any skill level taught by the best in glass!

Education Center Offers:

• Free Downloadable PDF Project Downloads

• Education Coins

• Guest Instructor Video Lessons (SCROLL DOWN TO MEET THEM)

• E-Books

• Free Online Video Tutorials with Tanya Veit


Bullseye Glass is quality and reliability. The most sophisticated glass-coloring in the world.

• Bullseye Glass & Frit discounted daily

• Free Bullseye Glass PDF's


AAE Glass Offers Private Facebook Groups for Continued Learning


Alice Benvie Gebhart 

Building A Landscape

Alicia Lomne

Leaf Casting

Exploring Pate de Verre

Further Explorations Pate de Verre

Bob Leatherbarrow

The Art of the Crackle: Basic, Blending & Beyond

Impression Wafers: Printing with Powders

Displays Stands & Wall Mounts: Effective, Easy & Economical

Focus on Design: Fine Lines, Lip Wraps, & Colour Fields

Gail Stouffer

The Glass Canvas

PMC Sterling Silver Jackets & Fused Glass Jewelry

Glenda Kronke

Nature's Wonders l: Explorations in Powders

Nature's Wonders ll: Further Explorations in Powders

Surfin Safari

Kate MacLeod

Dichro-Cakes: Concentric Circle Jewelry

Kate Rocks! Cast Glass Meteorites, Geodes, and Captured Nebulae

Lois Manno

Exploring Modeling Glass - Realistic Feathers

Exploring Modeling Glass - Making a Mask

Nancy Weisser

Dream Garden l: Floral Garden

Dream Garden ll: Sea Garden

Pattern Bars 101

The Flow Factor 

Nathan Sandberg

Vitrigraph Murrine: A Foundation

Complex Vitrigraph Murrine: The Next Level

Drop Out Contruction & Rim Removal

The Fundamentals of Coldworking & Finishing Glass


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